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Small Appliances / Power Tools

Small Appliances and Power Tools

We accept more than 300 small electrical appliances, ranging in size from electric toothbrushes to countertop microwave ovens. Products are divided into categories including kitchen countertop, time measurement, weight measurement, garment care, air treatment, floor care and personal care. The program recycles small appliances designed for residential use only and powered by batteries or plugged into 12 Volt or 120 Volt power.

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  • Coffee Maker, Mixer, Toaster, Food Processor, Blender, etc
  • Hair Dryer, Electric Toothbrush, Razor
  • Vacuum, Steam mops
  • Bathroom Scale
  • Iron, Sewing Machine, Towel Warmer
  • Floor Fan, Humidifiers (We DO NOT accept Dehumidifiers)
  • Clock, Alarm clock
  • Digital Microscope, Balloon Inflator, Bug Zapper
  • Drills, Router, Chop Saw, Any handheld power tools


X Appliances not powered by electricity or batteries

X Large appliances (e.g. dishwashers, ovens, washers, dryers)

X Appliances designed for commercial or industrial use

X Built-in appliances (e.g. ceiling fans, some microwaves, central vacuums)

X Appliances with refrigerant (e.g. air conditioners, refrigerators, dehumidifiers)

X Appliances still containing food residue and liquids