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Vancouver Island Recycling Services

At Island Return It, we take pride in being a contributing and active member of our local community.

In 1995, Louis Spronken opened our first recycling centre in the Cowichan Valley. It started out as a Bottle Depot, with the idea that people would appreciate a clean and organized space to take their empties to. It was indeed appreciated! We have since expanded to 5 other locations in Salt Spring Island, Campbell River, South Cowichan, Sidney and Esquimalt. Cleanliness and comfort are important to us and it shows. In 2013, our Esquimalt location received Encorp Pacific’s 5 star distinction, an honour.  2014, Sidney, 2015 Campbell River, 2015 South Cowichan. In 2010, with the passing of Louis, his family took over the business and keep thriving to keep the Island clean.

It has been our mission from the beginning to provide local recycling services that are easy and straightforward. This is reflected both in our workspaces and the variety of recycling services we now offer. We’ve worked hard to find new ways to offer you more diverse local recycling services and we now have recycling services for everything from the classic bottles and cans to our newest service: other flexible packaging like chip bags and granola bar wrappers. We also introduced commercial bottle and can pick-up services to help businesses get on board with recycling too.

It is part of our heritage to be community minded and we happily continue to find more ways to help the communities we operate in. We offer a simple way to raise funds with our charity accounts, where people can donate their refunds towards a charity instead of collecting them. Another way we help our communities is through our Charity of the Month Spotlight. We collect empties in our designated bin on behalf of a different charity every month and at the end of every month, we write them a cheque!

We continue to be forward thinking and strive to help educate and engage our communities towards a greener future for all of us. It is our privilege and honour to serve you with local recycling services! And with awareness of our environment ever increasing, how can we afford not to?


Bottle drives are an excellent way for a community or organization to fundraise.


We offer free commercial pick-up service for bottles and cans as needed!

Fundraising Opportunities

we have multiple ways for you to raise funds for your cause, sports team, school or organization.


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