Paint Products

Paint Cans and Aerosol Paint Containers Recycling

Wondering what to do with the old cans of paint you have piling up in your garage? Did you know that your old paint could be used to make something new? Recycling old or unneeded paint means that it can be used to make biofuel, new paint and even concrete products! We’re pleased to accept various paint products at our locations in Campbell River and Duncan. By returning old paint cans, leftover paint and aerosol paint cans you are helping keep our water clean and reducing the amount of waste in our landfills.

We accept interior and exterior water-based paints, deck and floor coating, wood finishing oil and much more! NO INDUSTRIAL PAINT WILL BE ACCEPTED.

At our Duncan and Campbell River locations we also accept flammable liquids, gasoline and domestic pesticides. Please note we cannot take industrial or specialty products; please see our full list of accepted items below.

Island Return It takes back leftover household paint, varnish, shellacs and stains free of charge. When returning leftover paint, be sure to keep products in their original containers with labels on. Do not combine leftover paints with each other or with oils, solvents or other products. Make sure paint cans are properly sealed before transporting.

We are unable to accept any products that cannot be identified, products that are leaking or cannot be sealed, brushes, rollers and rags or cosmetics. See below for a full list of products that are not accepted.

Recycle Your Products at:


  • Interior and exterior: water-based (e.g. latex, acrylic) and oil-based (e.g. alkyd, enamel) consumer paint
  • Deck and floor coating (including elastomeric)
  • Varnish and urethane (single-component)
  • Concrete and masonry paint
  • Drywall paint
  • Undercoats and primers (e.g. metal, wood etc.)
  • Stucco paint
  • Marine paint (unless registered under Pest Control Products Act)
  • Wood finishing oil
  • Melamine, metal and anti-rust paint, stain, and shellac
  • Swimming pool paint (single-component)
  • Stain blocking paint
  • Textured paint
  • Wood, masonry, driveway sealer or water repellent (non-tar based or bitumen based)
  • Dry empty paint containers


  • Automotive
  • Craft
  • Industrial


  • Products must be in their original container with label intact
  • Container must be tightly sealed
  • Do not mix different types of paint products together


Flammable Liquids, Gasoline, and Domestic Pesticides


These products are very hazardous, please use extra care when handling them. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your respective Island Return It Centre before your next visit.


  • All products must be in their original containers with labels intact.
  • Containers must be tightly sealed
  • Do not mix different types of products together

Type of Product: Flammable Liquids


  • Acetone
  • BBQ lighter fluid
  • Camping fuel
  • Fondue fuel
  • Furniture stripper
  • Kerosene
  • Flammable degreasers
  • Flammable lubricants
  • Flammable liquid adhesives
  • Flammable fuel treatment and additives
  • Methanol
  • Methyl Hydrate
  • Mineral spirits
  • Paint stripper
  • Paint thinner
  • Paint and vanish remover
  • Turpentine
  • Varsol

Must have a flame symbol or phrase similar to “keep away from open spark or flame” on the label.

Must be in original container

Max. Container Size: 9 litres

Type of Product: Flammable Aerosols


  • Non-Stick cooking spray
  • WD-40

Must have a flame symbol or phrase similar to “keep away from open spark or flame” on the label.

Must be in original container

Max. Container Size: 660 g or 24 oz

Type of Product:
Domestic Pesticides


  • Liquids and solid pesticides
  • Aerosol containers (Bug spray)
  • Diazinon insect spray

Requirements: Consumer pesticides that have both the poisonous (skull & cross bones) symbol, Pest Control Product (PCP) number and the word “domestic” on the label.

Must be in original container

Max. Container Size: Pesticides 10 Litres

Type of Product:


  • Leftover
  • Spoiled
  • Old Gas Contaminated with Oil or Water

In approved ULC containers only and Containers WILL NOT be returned

Max. Container Size: Gasoline 25 litres

Products NOT Accepted:

    X Products that cannot be identified (unknowns)
    X Products that are leaking or improperly sealed
    X Commercial, industrial or agricultural products
    X Cosmetics, health and beauty aids
    X Insect repellents, disinfectants, and pet products
    X Diesel, propane, butane fuels
    X Fertilizer
    X Acids, cleaners, bleach, and other corrosive materials
    X Brush, rollers, and rags
    X Tar, Roof Patch

Paint Exchange Program

A unique feature of Product Care’s paint stewardship program is Paint Exchange, where leftover paint collected at our Campbell River, Duncan and Sidney facilities are offered free of charge. Along with being the most cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative for handling leftover paint, reuse puts paint where it belongs — on buildings, walls, and fences — and diverts it away from our sewers, dumps, and landfills. Leftover paint is given away on an as-is, as-available basis.

There is no limit on the amount of paint an individual or organisation can take. Consumers using this service must sign a waiver form. Please note that Island Return It cannot guarantee the product quality of the leftover paint available in the exchange program.