Plastic Bags / Glass Jars / Styrofoam

Island Return It will be accepting these products in small quantities from residential only.

If you have questions about the commercial sector, please contact your Regional District. Please read carefully what we accept and what we don’t. Unfortunately, we can’t accept the products in red. Please contact your Regional District to find the proper facilities where you can recycle the “not accepted” items responsibly.

Recycle Your Products At:

Items We Accept:

Read through to see what we do and do not accept.

Food Glass Jars

Accepted Materials:
Clear or coloured non-deposit glass bottles and jars.
Jam, Peanut Butter container, Pickle jars, etc.

Not Accepted:

X Drinking glasses or dishes, cookware, whole or broken window glass or mirrors
X Ceramic products

Plastic Bags and Overwrap

Accepted Materials:

  • Bags for groceries or dry cleaning, bread, newspapers, and flyers
  • Bags for produce, dry bulk foods, and frozen vegetables
  • Outer bags and wrap for diapers, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, tissues and soft drink can flats
  • Bags for water softener salt and garden products
  • Outer bags
  • Pre-washed salad bags

Not Accepted
* See next section below

X *Crinkly cellophane wrap for tea, floral arrangements, etc.
X *Kitchen stretch wrap
X *Chip or snack bags
X *Zipper-lock bags
X *Plastic shipping envelopes or bubble packaging
X ***Soft packaging for perishable goods, e.g. bacon, deli meats, cheese slices, etc.
X Packaging labeled biodegradable or compostable
X Lumber or construction wrap
X Garbage bags (all colours)


Accepted Materials:

  • CLEAN Plastic foam containers and trays used for meat and produce
  • Foam egg cartons
  • Foam clamshells, cups, and bowls for take-out food
  • Foam cushion packaging to protect electronics, small appliances, etc.

Not Accepted:

Foam peanuts, packing chips, or noodles
Liquid-absorbing pads used in trays for meat, poultry, fish, etc.

X Shrink wrap for meat, poultry, fish or cheese
X Labels, tape, paper and cardboard on foam packaging
X Foam peanuts, packing chips, or noodles
X Blue or pink foam board insulation
X Napkins
X Squishy or flexible foam

Now Accepting Other Flexible Plastic Packaging

These products mentioned below have to be SEPARATED from grocery bags and overwraps.

Pictures of accepted products : CLICK HERE

There are five main sub-categories of Other Flexible Plastic Packaging.

The categories and examples are included below:


Stand-up and Zipper Lock Pouches

  • Zipper lock pouches for frozen foods like prawns, berries, prepared food, etc.
  • Zipper lock bags for fresh foods like grapes, berries, deli meat, etc.
  • Stand-up pouches for baby food, hand soap refills, etc.
  • Stand-up and zipper lock pouches for things like dried fruits, granola, sugar, oatmeal, quinoa, dish detergent pods, grated cheese, etc.


Crinkly Wrappers and Bags

  • Bags for potato chips, candy, dried pasta, cereal, etc.
  • Cellophane for flowers, gift baskets, etc.
  • Wrappers for cheese slices, snack bars, instant noodles, etc


Flexible Packaging with Plastic Seal

  • Packaging for fresh pasta, pre-packaged deli meats, pre-packaged cheese, etc.


Woven and Net Plastic Bags

  • Net bags for avocados, onions, oranges, lemons, limes, etc.
  • Woven plastic bags for rice, etc.


Non-food Protective Packaging

  • Padded protective plastic like plastic shipping envelopes, plastic air packets, bubble wrap


NOTE: These items need to be separated from regular plastic bags and overwrap