Fundraising Opportunities


Fundraising Opportunities

Fundraising with Island Return It never been so easy

At Island Return It we have multiple ways for you to raise funds for your cause, sports team, school or organization. We offer options such as bottle drives, charitable accounts, Charity of the Month spots and the ever- popular Return-It School Contest!

Bottle Drives

Bottle Drives are an excellent way to raise money quickly with community support. When you register your bottle drive with us, you are ensured of Full deposit refunds, we’ll set you up with the supplies you need, give you advice on organizing and sorting and we offer free same day pick up service *.

* Services may vary per locations

Return-It School Contest has an annual contest where they challenge schools to collect the most empty beverage containers. There are separate categories for elementary and high schools and your school could potentially win cash! Up to $9000 is available in prizes! Book your pick  up with us.

Charitable Accounts

At each Island Return It location, you can set up a charitable account to collect refund donations from your supporters. This is one of the simplest ways to go about long-term fundraising.

You need:

  1. to give us a call
  2. provide the name of the account
  3. designate a person*
    * this person will be the only one cashing out the account, photo ID will be required.

In minutes, your account can be set up and ready to collect – all you’ll need to do is spread the word about where folks can donate their empties to your cause.

Charity of the Month

Every month, each Island Return It Recycling Centres choose a charity to spotlight. For an entire month,  any donated refundable will be collected in the special Charity bin. At the end of the month, we will write a cheque to the designated charity. Simple as pie.