Bottle Drives


Bottle Drives

Why Fundraise with Bottle Drives

Bottle drives are an excellent way for a community or organization to fundraise while simultaneously ensuring that recyclable bottles and cans are disposed of responsibly. Also, the process is efficient, profitable and fun!

Why Register your Bottle Drive with Island Return It.

When you register your upcoming bottle drive with Island Return It, we help you get organized, make sure you have the supplies you need, offer valuable advice to help you get the word out and we offer FULL REFUND on all registered ready-to-drink beverage containers and on all beer products.

Call us today to book your Bottle Drive

Services vary by locations. Please contact your local Island Return It location to make arrangements for pickups and supplies. To make your fundraising efforts more successful, please book in advance, so we can serve you better. It is based on first call first serve.

Learn More About Running A Bottle Drive

Bottle Drives Are A Fun and Easy Way to Raise Money!

View our Bottle Drive Quick Reference Cheat Sheet to view Quantities in each bag – Download & Print.