Level Up Your Recycling in 2024

Most of us are doing a pretty good job of recycling these days. We know the drill. We have our bins, and between curb-side pick up, and depot drop offs, we are getting it done. Right? Well, if you are looking to up your recycling game in 2024, read on and see if there is anything further you might want to feather into your efforts. Let’s see if we can increase what get’s into our recycling bins, diverting even more from our garbages and landfills.

Levelling Up Tips from Island Return It:

1. Switch to biodegradable garbage bags. Let’s keep regular garbage bags out of the landfill.
2. Bring your own recycling home from the office, school and vacations. Often recycling systems out there have missing elements, as well as it’s often difficult to rinse properly. Bring it home and use your own system.
3. Rinse your recycling. To avoid lot contamination, swish out your cans, jars and plastics with your grey water left at the end of your dishes (to also conserve water).
4. Pre-count your aluminum cans before heading to the depot, to make drop off swift and easy (don’t forget to separate out your alcohol cans).
5. Let’s all get our soft plastic to the depot. It’s paramount that we start repurposing soft plastic until biodegradable packaging becomes the norm.
6. Consider donating your returnables refund to our Charity of the Month. (See list below). Help those in need in our own back yard. Supporting local charities makes our community stronger and more compassionate. At Island Return It, we make it super easy to give back locally.

Local Charities that we collect for:

Here’s our list for 2024:

Jan: Wildlife BC
Feb: Hospital Foundation
Mar: Volunteer Cowichan
Apr: Literacy Now Cowichan
May: Cowichan Independent Living
Jun: Cowichan Family Caregivers
Jul: Cowichan Visitor Center
Aug: Cowichan Green Community
Sep: Abbyfield House
Oct: Cowichan Missing & Murdered MWC
Nov: Cowichan Youth Services

Let’s start the new year with some fresh recycling inspiration.

It is more important than ever that we take care of our piece of the big puzzle. Let’s take what we are doing already, and make the commitment to level up this year. Remember, once we get into the habit, recycling becomes a lifestyle rather than a chore. Let’s rock out our recycling in 2024. At Island Return It, we are here to help.