Why Recycle?

We like to keep things light and fun here at Island Return It, giving you tips and tricks for recycling with ease. We love all things recycling, and want to share our passion with you for the good of our planet. 

Today however, we’d like to look at why we do what we do, and explore some of the benefits of recycling including some of the consequences of taking the earth for granted. Don’t worry, I promise this will still be light and fun…well, mostly. Think of it as a gentle reminder about the very real and positive impact we can have together.

First off, recycling helps keep harmful pollutants out of landfills and more importantly, out of the surrounding environments. Have you heard of the Great Pacific garbage patch? While not quite as dramatic as it sounds, it is a vast area in the ocean with exceptionally high concentrations of plastics and other debris that have been trapped by rotating currents. Not cool. Another concern is the ever increasing amount of e-waste being produced worldwide, which often contains heavy metals and other hazardous materials. Yikes!

Another huge benefit of recycling is that it can help save massive amounts of raw materials and the energy used to extract them. The effects of this are important to the future of our planet. Fewer new materials needed means less mining, less extracting, less damage to the earth in general…and more trees left to do their job as the lungs of the planet. 

Sounds daunting? Stakes are high, there’s no denying it. The good news is that recycling technology continues to improve, and the list of materials that are recyclable continues to grow.

Recycling is our life here at Island Return It, but that doesn’t mean it has to take over yours. Simply by making recycling a part of your daily routine, you can be part of the  real positive change happening in the world. Come see us at any of our 5 locations and discover what we can do together.