Bottle Drives: A Great Way to Raise Money While Learning About Recycling

Bottle Drives: A Great Way to Raise Money While Learning About Recycling.

At Island Return It, we host dozens of bottle drives every year, with Duncan being the busiest branch averaging 2-3 per week during the peak summer season. Schools and sports teams raise money for gear and trips; charities get out into the community to raise funds and boost awareness; and individuals band together to help someone in need.
Running a bottle drive is easy, and the staff at Island Return It are here to support you, especially if it’s your first time. Start by picking up our Bottle Drive Guide (at the Duncan branch) and reading it over. Then schedule your fundraiser well in advance, to make sure you get the day you want.

There are 3 ways you can hold a bottle drive:

1. Go out into the community and collect (the most effective)
2. Post a collection site and people bring the refundables to you
3. Hold a bottle drive in the parking lot of an Island Return It
Once you decide which option, choose 3 leaders, one for each of the following: pre-advertising, coordinating volunteers, and to head up sorting and counting on bottle drive day. Someone from the depot will set you up with all the supplies you’ll need. The handy guide will help you categorize everything properly, so drop off (or pick up), will go smoothly.
Sorting is fun. Kids and adults get into it, enjoying the counting and seeing the success build. It’s also a wonderful way to strengthen your knowledge about recycling.

Little League Team Picking Up Recycling

Tips for Running a Successful Bottle Drive:

1. Make sure you advertise well in advance, so people can start stockpiling their refundables.
2. The more you utilize social media, newspaper and radio advertising, the more successful your drive will be.
3. Make big colourful signs that are easy to read.
4. Everything needs to be counted, and accurately.
5. Anything Island Return It takes for a refund can be collected.
6. Have fun and enjoy meeting your community. Often that is the most rewarding part, aside from finding out how much you made.
A well planned bottle drive can bring in over $1000. It’s a big reason they are still so popular. Pick up your guide today and call 250-748-2066 or email to book your next bottle drive.