Did you know?



“Did You Know?”

Everyday we learn something new and today it’s all about recycling.


  • Did you know that glass can be recycled almost indefinitely without losing its quality?
  • Did you know that 5% of all aluminum produced since 1888 is still in use today?

Bet you didn’t know that.  Here are some more recycling facts.

  • Did you know that juice boxes can be recycled into toilet paper?
  • Did you know that car batteries are the world’s most recycled product?
  • Did you know that glass bottles can be crushed and used as aggregate for roads?

We’re just warming up here…check out these next one’s.

  • Did you know that plastic bottles can be recycled into the fabric in your clothes, fiberfill in your coat, upholstery or carpeting around your house, or even tennis balls?
  • Did you know that recycled glass bottles can be turned into countertops, flooring, tile, landscaping stones and bricks?
  • Did you know that if we added up the over 10 billion containers weighing over 700,000 metric tonnes that have been recycled in BC in the past fifteen years, they could fill BC place from top to bottom – twice?!

I guarantee you didn’t know that last one.


Did you know that the 2010 Olympic medals were made in part from recycled electronics, with metals harvested from cathode ray tube glass, computer parts, and circuit boards? How cool is that?

And finally, some fun facts about Island Return It…

  • Did you know that we have recycled over 1 billion beverage containers since we opened?
  • Did you know that we always have been and continue to be family owned and operated?
  • Did you know that we started in 1994 as one of only 6 pilot projects for the whole Return-It system in BC?

If you’d like to know more about recycling, or have any cool recycling facts you’d like to share with us, come on in and say “hi” anytime.  Or you always can check our Facebook Page. Facebook.com/IslandReturnIt