Holiday Poem

Christmas Poem

The Holiday Season is suddenly here,
so bring on the joy and bring on the cheer!

Bring on the mountains of bright wrapping paper,
and bring on the fruit cake you get from your neighbor.

The parties, the presents, the real and fake trees,
the packaging, lights, and the cheesy CD’s.

Yes, this is the season for cheap decorations,
and knocking back eggnog with friends and relations.

Now hold on, this sounds like a season of WASTE,
so here are some tips to keep trash in its place.

Forget about cheap decorations this time,
they just clog up the landfills, we all know the kind.

Instead, search your house, get creative this year,
homemade can be simple, there’s no need to fear!

If you throw a big party, provide close at hand,
a place for your guests to put bottles and cans.

And presents don’t have to be something you buy,
it means so much more to give people your time.

But if you get new electronics and stuff,
be sure to dispose of your old one’s with us.

This list could go on, but the point is sublime,
in these festive days keep the planet in mind!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Island Return It!

white background- Christmas hat

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