10 Surprising Bathroom Items You Can Recycle for Free

10 Surprising Bathroom Items You Can Recycle For Free

We all know that toilet paper rolls can be recycled…or reused in any number of children’s crafts. Most of us know that empty plastic shampoo and soap containers can be recycled curbside, even if we don’t always do it. But to help you save even more waste from the landfill, here is a list of 10 additional bathroom items that you can recycle for free:

  1. Aerosol Cans: These can be included in curbside recycling in most municipalities (like North Cowichan). Check with your municipality to make sure. Containers must be empty with lids removed. Examples: air fresheners, hair spray, shaving cream, deodorant.
  2. Books:  You know that tired old stack of books that you’ve read way too many times? When you decide to finally get rid of them, bring them into our locations in Duncan and Esquimalt. Easy.
  3. Curling Iron:  Are your curls losing their bounce? Bring your broken curling iron into our locations in Duncan, Esquimalt and Campbell River (items 4-10 can be brought to these locations as well).
  4. Hair Straightener:  Now it just wouldn’t be fair to those of you with natural curls if we didn’t accept hair straighteners too.
  5. Digital Thermometer:  Just make sure to clean that sucker first…who knows where that’s been.
  6. Electronic Scale: Get back at it for all those mean things it said about you.
  7. Beard Trimmer: Big beards are in right now…let it grow.
  8. Lights: Bulbs, tubes, and fixtures; we take them all.
  9. Electronic Air Fresheners:  Either plug-in or battery powered. Don’t you think it’s time for a “fresh” start?
  10. Aroma Therapy Machine:  I’ll be honest, I don’t really know what this is, but someone out there has a broken one in their bathroom right now. Just make sure it either runs on batteries or plugs in.

Well there you have it. You’ll be looking at your bathroom in a whole new light now.

Also, I lied…there are eleven items on this list. I just saved the best for last. Did you know that you can recycle your toilet?  Check with your municipality, but most local recycling stations will take your old toilet off your hands for free.  How ‘bout that.