Now Proudly Accepting Styrofoam

It’s official! Our Campbell River, Duncan and Esquimalt locations are now a part of the new MMBC program.

Island Return It Recycling Centres can now accept Styrofoam products for responsible disposal, all depots with the exception of Salt Spring Island.

This change has been brought about the new MMBC (Multi-Material British Columbia) program, which is a non-profit organization that holds manufacturers and distributors responsible for the disposal management of packaging and printed paper (PPP), similar to the program for recycling beverage containers or light bulbs.

The Styrofoam aspect of this new program covers all the most widely used consumer products such as:

1- Foam Drink Cups

2- White & Coloured Meat Trays

3- Foam Packaging for Computers, Electronics & Appliances

4- Egg Cartons

5- Take Out Containers

Products We Cannot Accept:

– Packing Peanuts

– Pool Noodles (Yes. This is tragic with summer just around the corner but don’t worry, we’ve found some awesome ideas for re-purposing your older pool noodles)

– Foam Insulation

– Blue or Pink Foam Board Insulation

The Liquid Absorbing Pads used in trays for meats, poultry, fish etc.


For more information, please visit :

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