Blog Round Up: Our Favourite Recycling Blogs

Perhaps you’ve noticed, we like to share interesting news from the world of recycling and environmental responsibility. There are so many great ideas out there that we feel compelled to share them with you regularly. Sometimes, though, its nice to have a list of great reading material that you can refer to. With that in mind we proudly present:

Island Return It’s Favourite Blogs 2014

1) Zero Waste Cowichan – This blog is written by the Cowichan Valley Regional District’s Zero Waste Challenge team. It includes local news, helpful information and fun facts.

2) UsedBlog – writes a fun blog centered around reusing products, upcycling and being creative while staying true to green themes and values.

3) My Zero Waste – This blog chronicles the efforts made by one family to dramatically reduce the amount of trash they have created since 2004.

4) Grist – Grist is a “Beacon in the Smog” and topics range from Climate Change to Living to Food to Business and Tech.

5) Cowichan Green Community – Another local blog with a subject matter that is relevant to people all over BC. They don’t post often but when they do it’s good stuff.

6) Treehugger – A favouite blog for many with an interest in the environment, Treehugger managed to publish stories that appeal to a wide range of readers every day.

7) Inhabitat – Inhabitat is a design and technology blog with a green stance. Perfect for tech nerds who care about the Earth.

8) Earth911 – Earth911 is a favourite of ours because it publishes easy to digest, bite-size stories that are entertaining and informational. The ideas discussed are often innovative and inspiring.

9) Mother Nature Network – publishes daily from a variety of regular bloggers who cover areas of interest including You Home, Food, Lifestyle, Culture, Family, Cars and Earth. This blog has something for everyone.

10) Climate Revolution – This blog is a passion project for famed designer Vivienne Westwood and is as visually stunning as her collections are.

11) Environmental Issues – appears to have a published content on just about anything you can imagine. However, the Environmental Issues blog is one of our favouites because its free from fluff and features well written articles.

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