The Unusual Holiday Gift We Gave Our Team

This past Christmas when we threw our annual holiday party (which was awesome!) and we presented everyone on the Island Return It team with a special gift. A gift that meant more to us than a bottle of wine or a book or anything else we could have dreamed up.

This year we wanted to give the gift of nourishment not just to our employees but their families too. So everyone got a chicken.

Promoting Health and Hope

We choose to purchase the chickens from the Hope Farm in the Cowichan Valley for a few reasons:

1) We wanted to support our neighbors

Hope Farm is located close to the Island Return It head office in Duncan and we love the “Buy Local” movement and want to participate. Promoting the products and services available in our communities is important to us, as we live and work in them too.

2) We wanted to support a worthwhile cause

Hope Farm offers support to those seeking to be free from addiction or other life-damaging patterns. Through engagement in the community and contributing to the work of caring for the land and the animals on it, Hope Farm residents are offered the opportunity to address some of the root causes of pain and brokenness in their lives. That’s something we are proud to support.

3) The chickens were both organic and free range

So we felt comfortable and happy with our purchase. After all, our team is what makes our company great and we want to give them food that will be healthy, nourishing and free from toxins.

We hope that we might  have provided a little inspiration or ignited a sense of community in you as you read this post. Everything we do now affects our future because #TodayMatters.