New Year’s Resolutions From Island Return It

The tradition of making New Years Resolutions is an old one, in fact, at the end of the Great Depression about 25% of American adults claimed to make one and by the end of the 20th century about 40% did.

The most popular resolutions that people make are often centered around self improvement, living a healthier lifestyle, becoming a better person, learning a new skill or adjusting attitudes.

Resolution #1

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The first of our New Year’s resolutions has to do with a little known fact about Island Return It depots; We recycle light bulbs! For free! All kinds!

Yes, LEDs, CFLs, incandescent, halogen and even decorative light strings (You know, Christmas lights!).

Not only can you bring those back for responsible recycling but if you’re fixtures are finished too we’ll take them. That includes floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers, wall fixtures and even flash lights.

If you are a contractor or electrician, this is pretty good news for you. We’ll take them off your hands and won’t charge you a penny.

No. fees, no maximums and better yet; No landfills.

Resolution #2

reso2One of the most sustainable ways to make a difference is to compost all your organic matter. Diverting organic matter deposition from landfills helps reduce the production of leachate and methane gasses (both of which add to the cost of operating a landfill).

Organic matter when composted if free to break down and return to earth, providing nutrients to the soil. It restores minerals and micro-nutrients giving vitality to our depleted soils.

When kitchen waste is trashed it doesn’t decompose in the same manner as its encased in plastic and is never allowed to touch the ground. The process of composting kills pathogens. This takes away the need for pesticides and nitrogen and trace mineral fertilizers thus protecting the ecosystem. 6% of the total CO2-equivalent gases in Quebec come from landfills. By reducing the amount of organic matter in the landfills, we can bring the level of greenhouse gases down.

Resolution #3

bottle depot, recycling, free recycling, vancouver island recycling, bottle drives, victoriaIsland Return It, through the ElectroRecycle program and Return It Electronics program is able to recycle more than 300 consumer electronic goods including TVs, PCs, small appliances, cell phones, stereos, printers, cables, cords, portable heaters, electronic kids toys (including the toys that come in Happy Meals) sewing machines, exercise machines and so much more. To see which depots can accommodate your recycling needs please refer to our main website.

For a complete list of electronic items that can be recycled free of charge at Island Return It click here.

As we’re on the topic of things you may not have known you could recycle, there also power tools and outdoor power equipment. These are a little more new and not as well known but we are happy to accept them both at our Campbell River and Duncan locations.

Visit our Facebook page and let us know what your New Year’s resolutions are.

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