Reach Out To Island Return It on Google Plus

You’ve heard us say this before: This is more than a business, Its a lifestyle for us. We eat, sleep and breath recycling and while we’ve really been having a lot of fun with you on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest now we’re adding another platform to the mix: Google Plus. The reason for the new addition is simple, We want to be where you will find us.

island return it on google plus, bottle depot, social media recycling, recycling centreA Page For Each Depot

Unlike our other social media accounts where we only have one to speak for the whole company, on Google Plus we have a different page for each depot. Victoria, Sidney, Duncan, Saltspring Island and Campbell River all have their own unique voices on Google plus and if you live in one of those communities you will feel right at home on our page.

We share information and trivia facts about recycling, we share contests, photos and links to really awesome articles that we’ve enjoyed reading.

Best of all, we monitor all our social media accounts so if you find that you have a question, comment or concern we are there to answer you as quickly as possible. Afterall, we weren’t given a 5 star rating at two of our facilities for nothing! Customer service is what we do best (after recycling of course).

So please, consider this a formal invitation to come hang out with us on Google Plus today. We’ll look for you.


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