Victorians; Get Your Recyclin’ On With Us!

victoria recyceling, free recycling in victoria, vancouver island, bottle returns, bottle depot, yyjOur Esquimalt Island Return it Recycling Centre in Victoria is the only 5 star rated recycling depot on all of Vancouver Island. Tucked neatly back from the road on Ellery St is where you will find this super clean and efficient recycling depot, which is more than just a bottle depot. In addition to beverage containers, the staff here will also safely and responsibly recycle:

Small appliances, Household and Automotive, Batteries, Light bulbs and lamps, Cellphones, Electronic Kid Toys

Did I mention that these services are free of charge to you, the eco-conscience consumer? You will not pay a dime to properly dispose of your unwanted recyclables!

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Like the hotel industry where a 5 Star designation assures the hotel guest of an exemplary standard of service, cleanliness, design and comfort, Encorp Pacific’s 5 Star Depot Program will assure customers of the best possible recycling experience. Our Esquimalt location went through a rigorous checklist of facility enhancements, efficient operating procedures and outstanding customer service and got awarded 5 Star certification. Come Experience the Difference!

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