Light bulbs: A Bright Spot in Recycling

There is a new bright spot in the world of recycling…

In all but one of our Island Return It Recycling Centres we can accept light bulbs, fixtures, ballasts and fluorescent tubes up to 8 feet long for safe recycling. This service is available to everyone who uses Island Return It locations but is especially useful for general contractors, electricians, businesses, building managers and schools as we can accept large quantities at one time without having to charge a fee.

We can also accept ceiling and wall fixtures, outdoor fixtures, floor and table lamps, chandelier and bicycle lights. So whether you’re recycling a burnt out bulb, an outdated chandelier, a string of Christmas lights or your old LED flashlight, we’ve got you covered!

LightRecycle Program

This program, LightRecycle is funded by the recycling fees applied to the sale of new lighting products in BC. The fee rates do vary by product type and manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers can either include the recycling fee into the overall price or display it as a separate charge, either way, you’ve already paid for this service so why not use it? After all, some lighting products contain hazardous materials such as mercury. You can help keep those harmful materials out of the environment when you recycle them safely at Island Return It.