Batteries: Big or Small We Take Them All

People often ask us what they should do to safely dispose of household batteries. Our answer is always: Bring them to us, but don’t stop at AAs, we also collect batteries for products like hearing aids, medical devices, laptops, mobile and cordless phones, cameras, radios, gaming devices, camcorders, smoke detectors, flash lights and other electronic devices.

What about Lead Acid Batteries?

Then there are the big batteries. We’ll take your lead acid batteries too and ensure that they are properly recycled. These batteries are from products such as cars and trucks, motorcycles, golf carts, boats and RVs. Heck, we’ll even take an old forklift battery off your hands for you.

When we collect consumer batteries we send them to a recycling facility in BC where they are processed into reusable metals and materials. No part of the battery ever makes it to a landfill, instead they are turned into new batteries, stainless steel products and additives for cement.

How much will this cost you?


We don’t charge you a cent to dispose of your dead batteries. The battery recycling program is funded by product stewards across the globe committed to environmentally responsible battery and cell phone recycling.